Friday, 4 November 2011

Hello, World!

When you have opinions as important as mine, you really need a place to air them. That is exactly what I’ve decided to do with All Zombies Must Blog! – a stream of witty insight and hilarious commentary on all things relating to games and zombies. And games about zombies. 

Why 'All Zombies Must Blog'? I hear you ask. Because while I'm often found slumped in front of a screen, slack-jawed, staring through half-open eyes, the only movement being that of my thumbs pushing the buttons of my controller (what my girlfriend Rachel often refers to as my 'zombie' state), that's not to say there's nothing going on upstairs. My brain is full of so much literary gold and bang-on-the-money observations, that - while I might be a 'zombie' (a comparison which I love, by the way) - I can still blog. Hence: All Zombies Must Blog! 

Catchy little title, eh? They should do a game with a similar title or something. 

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